Hello! So glad you stopped by to investigate Inspired Solutions. My name is Grace Reisdorf and I’m a Christian Science practitioner…that is, I help people through practical prayer with whatever challenge they may be facing — mental and physical health, relationships, employment, finances, etc. You could say I’m kind of a spiritual listener…I listen to what you need, then I listen for an answer to meet that need.

I was raised as a Christian Scientist but it wasn’t until I began having children of my own that I gained a new perspective, a new appreciation for the teachings and practice ¬†of “practical, operative Christian Science” (as Mary Baker Eddy, discoverer and founder of Christian Science describes this God-inspired way of thinking.)

Yes, this is about God…not a personal super-human, sometimes good and sometimes evil, inflicting misery in the name of love, causing death in the name of justice, but a God who is Spirit, Soul, Truth, Mind, Principle, Life and Love.* A God who “made everything that was made, and, behold, it was very good [Genesis 1:31].” A God who made man in “His image and likeness,” and gave man “dominion over all the earth [Genesis 1:26].” And when I say “man” I don’t mean gender but generically.

The thoughts and ideas shared on this website have guided me through most of my life and are hugely important for me. And that’s why I’m sharing them here…in an effort to share my source and understanding of how to live a life of peace, joy, power. These concepts are all derived through studying the Bible and the writings of Eddy, including her primary work Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

What you won’t find here: medical advice, healthy eating recipes, exercise tips, hypnosis, faith-healing. Just practical, proven solutions through prayer to a benevolent, Father-Mother God. I hope you enjoy what you find. Please be patient, though, as this site is still under construction!


*You can learn more about these names for God in Science and Health.